Struggling to Build A Social Media Presence For Your Restaurant? Read This.

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With the current standing social media has in society, it would be a waste to not use it as a marketing tool for businesses. In fact, a restaurant stands to gain tremendously if it were to work towards building a social media presence, being a consumer-oriented business.

Even more attractive is the fact that advertising on social media is virtually cost-free and has a much larger audience than conventional means of advertisement like television, newspapers, billboards, etc. This is especially beneficial to budding restaurants or those that are wanting to attract a larger crowd. So how should you go about using social media to your restaurant’s advantage?

Share your plans!

One of the best ways to get yourself noticed on social media is to share a timeline of events (signifying deals on specific days etc.) with your prospective customers. Using an editorial calendar for that purpose is a great idea, as it will not only let interested viewers know exactly what is offered and when, but it will also help you stay organized and let you plan.

An editorial calendar is also a great tool to help you keep on track with your plans and meet deadlines, a vital aspect of running a successful business.

Marketing strategies

Unfortunately, you are not the only ones to realize the potential for social media as a marketing tool. What this means is that social media is already heavily saturated with advertisements, so much so that they are now widely considered as a nuisance by users. The problem that presents itself to you now is how to not only distinguish yourself among the sea of other brands but also to come across to your audience as something worthwhile instead of annoying.

You can do this by changing the way you address potential customers in your ads: instead of trying first and foremost to sell your product, present your services as something helpful. Another way to exploit social media is to link your products with the trendy topics, as this will result in more people viewing your advertisements. In this situation, linking to your product would mean providing your followers with your online booking widget link to allow them to create a reservation directly from whatever social media platform they are on. 

Using feedback to your advantage

While not many restaurant businesses pay much attention to feedback from customers, it is a highly beneficial tool if used correctly. Feedback can show you just where your services are lacking, and what you’re doing well, so you can focus on fixing your mistakes and keep doing what you do well.

It can also be helpful in tailoring the menu; if a dish is extremely unpopular, scrap it. Responding to feedback with action also helps build a loyal client base, who recognize your brand as one that bothers to listen to them.

Building a strong customer base

If you begin to generate a following on social media, try and boost the momentum. You can do this by offering special rewards to those who follow you on social media platforms in the form of discounts and free food.

You can also have your customer base do your marketing for you, by rewarding them for sharing your content to their friends; recommendations from friends are more likely to be responded favorably to than those from strangers.